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The International College of Professional Celebrants USA

Become an ICPC professional and help others celebrate love, life and rites of passage.

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Online Celebrancy Training

Celebrancy is the art of creating beautiful rites of passage that acknowledge, celebrate and honor love in all its glory.

Join us for our world class online celebrancy training and discover what it takes to unlock your inner storyteller and create truly memorable celebrations of love.


What You Can Expect From The Online Celebrancy Training Program

  • A clear knowledge of the history and practicalities of the Wedding and Funeral industries in the US

  • A comprehensive understanding of how to create and structure ceremonies from scratch, and how to tailor them to your client's unique stories.

  • A deep understanding of the needs of your clients and how to build communication and relationships with them that will serve you both well.

  • Online materials that will give you even greater resources beyond our live training for you to use at your leisure.

  • Clear guidance on how to hit the ground running with your new business.

  • A close look at the challenges you will face, how to overcome them and become the best Celebrant you can be!
Find out more about our training program...

Become a World Class Celebrant With Us

Stuart Morris, the founder and director of the International College of Professional Celebrants (formerly the Institute of Professional Celebrants) has brought this world class training from the United Kingdom to you in the United States, to train you to become an outstanding celebrant, building a new career for yourself in serving families and delivering celebratorty rites of passage that are a little different.

If you would like to know more about becoming a celebrant take our free 6 part video series where we take you through each aspect of becoming a celebrant. Together, they explain everything about the thrilling journey you'll embark on as you create a brand new career.

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What some of our trainees have to say about our courses...


Absolutely amazing course, and I am exciting to represent ICPC on my celebrant journey. Tutors have been superb, better than superb, to be engaged after a long week of 9am-5pm online deliver says it all. I was not bored at any point and was sad when it ended.

Jacqueline, Julie, Stuart and Nikki were engaging and reassuring. I loved the humour and the dynamic of our cohort.

Thank you so much for such wonderful and top-class training.


From the moment I signed up, I felt part of the family, and reassured in every way. The training was amazing. It was one of the best weeks of my life - so much so that I cried as we finished and said goodbye! 

Stuart and Julie are the friendliest, most approachable people I have ever met. Their guidance, help, support and knowledge, along with their friendly nature, and great sense of humour was second to none.

It was a huge risk for me to give up my job, with a guaranteed income, and do this and go out in the world all by myself - however, I truly feel it is the best decision I ever made, and I'm loving every minute!


Before this course I was vaguely considering a new career as a celebrant I feel confident that I can do this, in a totally professional manner and I am so excited about this new career ahead of me.

The training gives you everything you need to start straightaway – business advice and such thorough training in all aspects of becoming a celebrant.

The teachers' were wonderful. Yes, it is hard work -  but it’s also enjoyable!

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