Can Celebrant Training Be Done Online?

career Aug 29, 2022

The internet is now at the heart of everything we do. It helps us connect and communicate, learn new skills, work from home in almost any profession, stay entertained and much, much more. 

One of the key benefits to using the internet is being able to learn and train from a distance. Gone are the days when you needed to attend a college or university in person to get a qualification. In fact, one in four students now learn remotely across the world. 


The Benefits of Online Learning

Some of the key benefits of online learning are as follows:

  • You are relieved of childcare costs. Finding someone to watch your children can be costly and sometimes not worth the financial output.
  • You can be comfortable at home. 
  • It’s good for people who get social anxiety or prefer to work and learn on their own with limited interaction. 
  • Travelling might be hard, maybe due to lack of transportation or a disability, and therefore online is more convenient. 
  • You may have animals that need your daily care.


Can you learn celebrancy online?

Yes - You can absolutely learn how to become a celebrant through online training. There are a number of institutions out there that teach celebrancy online. The International College of Professional Celebrants teaches celebrancy online alongside its residential training, which happens monthly. 

Our 5 Day Live online course consists of 5 consecutive days of 9 - 5 study. So, while you do have the comforts of home, we still ask that you commit to a schedule. 

You will have the same trainers as our residential delegates, all with their own vibrant and unique teaching style. All of our trainers are working as celebrants, making ICPC quite different to other training organisations. And even though you are online, you will still have an opportunity to interact and join in. At the end of this week you will receive an ICPC certificate of achievement and you will be given 12 months to complete your NOCN coursework. Once completed, you will receive a separate accredited  NOCN Level 3 certificate in Civil Celebrancy. However you do not need this to work as a celebrant so you can work while you study.

This course includes all our online materials, your NOCN qualification video lectures, study notes and personal tutor. You will also receive  support and tutoring, resources, insurances and membership to ICPC for a year. The cost of our online training is £2098 with a payment plan available. Read more about our online training here. 

Is online training right for you?

Your reasons for wanting to train as a celebrant online will be personal to you, but it could be that residential training is more suitable. You can speak to us about your circumstances and we will help to point you in the right direction. You can also take our quiz to find out if celebrancy is the right path for you.