Too many new celebrants?

Aug 31, 2018

I know that in some areas of the UK there seems to be a glut of new celebrants and many FDs are commenting that they have a constant stream of wannabe celebrants through the door but very few of them stick around. They pop up having spent money on a course (or not), don’t get any work in the first couple of weeks and disappear.

Part of being a professional in any field is not just understanding the craft but also understanding the marketplace, sales and marketing. In the UK around 75% of all funerals are taken by ministers of religion and, in my opinion, most of them are chosen by default. The family don’t actually have a living faith, they’re just doing what they feel is expected. Less than 10% of the UK population go to church and less than 30% say they believe in any kind of god. As a profession our biggest challenge isn’t the gentle stream of well meaning amateurs. Our challenge is educating the population that they have choices.