Why We Love Garden Weddings

wedding May 24, 2022

As a celebrant, it is your role to ensure that couples get the best experience as they exchange their marriage vows. Your clients will look to you to provide suggestions and ideas to enhance their day. It's your job, therefore, to get creative and gather ideas.

 If your couple haven't chosen a location yet, why not suggest a garden wedding?

Here is why we find them so lovely...


Allows You to Get Creative 

A garden wedding leaves you with lots of space and resources, so that you can get creative. You can personalise activities to suit your clients' unique needs. 

 You'll have plenty of natural resources at your disposal - trees, leaves, plants, shrubs, long grass, ponds - use it all wisely and playfully to create the perfect space.


Budget Friendly

Venues can be costly. Garden weddings can be a great way for couples to reduce the cost without sacrificing the fun and magic of the special day. 

The natural beauty also lets couples cut on the cost of decoration without affecting the theme of the wedding. And instead of fancy catering, why not style an elegant picnic? This is another lovely way for guests to come together without a pricey per-head cost.


Offers an Amazing Experience 

A garden wedding offers you an amazing outdoor experience that lets you design a remarkable theme that matches the surrounding nature.  

You can play around with the beautiful scenery and also become a little extravagant with flowers, thanks to the immediately accessible nature. With a garden wedding, you get an excellent photo session with the natural beauty as the background. Everything will look so charming. 


Convenience and Flexibility  

With both the ceremony and the reception in the same venue, a public garden wedding offers you the convenience you need. 

You won’t have to drive to a different location after the ceremony and this saves you time. You get to plan for both and have a smooth transition without the hassles of changing the environment. Guests can also have the freedom of taking their own photos. 


The Takeaway 

If you want to showcase your celebrancy skills and take your career to the next level, a garden wedding gives you room to get creative. You can play around with nature and give your client and their guests a memorable experience. 


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