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With a choice of either Standard Membership or Advanced Membership to suit your budget, become an ICPC member and join our thriving international network of celebrants.


Not only does our membership provide practical support and resources for celebrants, we also offer ongoing business support, connection and interaction with other celebrants via our online communities. 


Our Membership Benefits

Welcome to the community...

Whether you have trained with us or with another organisation, you are welcome to join our community of celebrants.

  £12.50 per month 


Whats included:



Specialist Celebrant Public Liability Insurance (£5,000,000) and Professional Indemnity Insurance (£1,000,000)

Celebrant Connect

As a Member you'll have access to our network of Celebrants across the UK and beyond. You'll have opportunity to connect and support one another as you grow your businesses.

Free Monthly CPD Sessions 

You'll have free access to our live and recorded monthly CPD sessions covering a wide variety of subjects relevant to your celebrancy practice and your own well being.

Quarterly Member's Days

These days will be a mix of in person workshops and online sessions, helping you build your creativity and broadening your celebrancy skills.

Celebrant Retreat Weekends

As an ICPC Member you'll receive an invitation to our Celebrant retreats at High Trenhouse in North Yorkshire - a chance to socialise and enjoy input in to your celebrancy practice.

Online community

You will have access to our private Facebook community where you can meet, share with and support other ICPC Celebrants.

Online resources for ceremonies 

You will have access to our online resources, including sample scripts for all kinds of ceremonies, suggestions for readings and business resources.

Professional Coaching

As a member you can access our team's expertise at any time via the website. If you have questions regarding your celebrancy business, our team are available to coach and support you with things you're unsure about.

ICPC Name Badge

ICPC branded name badge for you to wear during ceremonies when appropriate.

Secure cloud storage

5Gb of UK based GDPR compliant encrypted cloud data storage. Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, OSX and Linux.


Terms and Conditions

Purchase Standard Membership
  14 days free then

£19.50 per month

annual subscription billed monthly

Whats included:


With our Advanced Membership you get all the benefits of our Standard Membership and these added benefits:

FREE Quarterly Member's Days

As an Advanced Member you'll get free access and priority booking to our paid for our Quarterly Members Days. These days will be a mix of in person workshops and online sessions, helping you build your creativity and broadening your celebrancy skills.

1 - 1 Business Strategy and Support Sessions

As an Advanced Member you will have the opportunity to schedule a hour session, twice a year with Maxine or Stuart to discuss your business goals and progress, analyse problems and develop strategies for overcoming them.

Priority Booking for Celebrant Retreat Weekends

As an Advanced Member you'll receive priority booking our Celebrant retreats at High Trenhouse in North Yorkshire - a chance to socialise and enjoy input in to your celebrancy practice.

 A Digital badge for use in marketing showing Advanced membership status.


Terms and Conditions


Purchase Advanced Membership

Benefits available to all members

At ICPC we welcome celebrants who have trained with other organisations and we want you to feel at home with us. While you may not need to access to trainers in order to complete coursework, we want to provide other ways to help support your celebrancy business:

  • You will benefit from our specialist¬†Celebrant Public Liability Insurance¬†that covers you up to ¬£5,000,000.

  • We now run¬†Monthly CPD sessions¬†that are available to paying Members and those who have trained with us. We take these opportunities to bring you valuable content that will help you grow your business, stretch your creativity and help you take care of yourself as a self employed celebrant. Where appropriate these sessions are recorded and made available to watch afterwards.

  • ICPC uses social media on several platforms and we encourage positive and supportive collaboration on each. Please join the social media sites so that you can liaise with other celebrants in your area, share ideas and inspire others. Make sure you are signed up to¬†ICPC Members Page on FB¬†as this proves incredibly useful for sharing resources or for reaching out to others for their thoughts on your current projects.
  • ICPC offers¬†professional business coaching opportunities.¬†It is very important to us that you feel supported as you step into your new role and we are always available to offer our knowledge. You're able to contact us with your queries through our website¬†via initial email form to start a dialogue with our team.

  • We are now able to offer you¬†one to one coaching¬†for your Celebrancy business needs. This will focus on what you need to do as an individual to develop your business and achieve your goals. It is highly personalised and you will have a full half hour to discuss your concerns and areas you wish to improve. This is a special Members' Price of only ¬£35 per session.

Benefits specific to our students


When you train with us the International College of Professional Celebrants supports you from the outset with the cohort WhatsApp group. Thereafter the support just keeps on coming from our dedicated team. It is all here if you need it:

  • Your cohort and trainers are now organised into¬†¬†WhatsApp groups. Supported by your trainers, your group is a safe place in which you can share experiences, uncertainty and concerns, and receive direction and encouragement. This gives you the support you need as you transition from your training to your real life as a celebrant. It also provides you with a fantastic opportunity to create genuine connections with your peer support group.

  • Once you have completed your training you have¬†ongoing access to your trainers. Having been with you from the start of this exciting journey, they are completely invested in your success and can be emailed or called to help you with any initial teething troubles.
  • You can ask questions or discuss decisions you have made. Your trainers are successful celebrants; they know you and how you work and learn, and they can apply these things to personalised advice.

  • Your¬†NOCN Level 3 Certificate¬†or¬†NOCN Platinum Double Diploma¬†are included in your training fee and will continue to be at no additional charge for 12 months or 18 months respectively. During this time, you will be given access to the lecture videos, study notes and to your own¬†personal tutor. Your tutor will guide and direct you to ensure that you complete your qualification within the time frame. They will be available to answer your queries and give you the encouragement you need. They will also set you achievable deadlines to keep you motivated.¬†

ICPC Celebrant Code of Conduct

When you become a member of the International College of Professional Celebrants you become part of the ICPC family. When you are part of any family you gain all the rights and privileges that family members receive.

As an ICPC family member you have the support of all other members; you have access to videos, study materials and resources to help with your coursework; you have access to the support and guidance of a personal tutor; you have an insurance policy and ongoing support from ICPC itself. 

We pride ourselves in training the best celebrants in the World. We provide ongoing support, training and resources to professional celebrants seeking to continuously improve their skills and serve their clients with integrity and excellence. We also provide an industry wide voice for celebrants across the globe, influencing policy makers with a pragmatic and common sense approach to modern celebrancy.  As such a celebrant, we would like you to reflect that pride, with the way you conduct your celebrancy business. 

Family 'rights' are always accompanied by responsibilities and as a family member, you also are assigned the task of:

  • Representing your ICPC family within your own lives, with Funeral Directors, families and clients in a professional and dignified way.
  • Respecting the Celebrant community in person, online and on social media.
  • Expressing your views considerately and challenging unacceptable behaviour or comments that are offensive.

While you are representing ICPC with your badge, marketing and branding, you are confirming that you will abide by ICPC's code of conduct.

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