ICPC Celebrant Code of Conduct

When you become a member of the International College of Professional Celebrants you become part of the ICPC family. When you are part of any family you gain all the rights and privileges that family members receive.

As an ICPC family member you have the support of all other members; you have access to videos, study materials and resources to help with your coursework if you train with us; you have access to the support and guidance of a personal tutor; you have an insurance policy and ongoing support from ICPC itself. 

We pride ourselves in training the best celebrants in the world. We provide ongoing support, training and resources to professional celebrants seeking to continuously improve their skills and serve their clients with integrity and excellence. We also provide an industry wide voice for celebrants across the globe, influencing policy makers with a pragmatic and common sense approach to modern celebrancy.  As such a celebrant, we would like you to reflect that pride, with the way you conduct your celebrancy business. 

Family 'rights' are always accompanied by responsibilities and as a family member, you also are assigned the task of:

  • Representing your ICPC family within your own lives, with funeral directors, wedding professionals, families and clients in a professional and dignified way.
  • Respecting the Celebrant community in person, online and on social media.
  • Expressing your views considerately and challenging unacceptable behaviour or comments that are offensive.

While you are representing ICPC with your badge, marketing and branding, you are confirming that you will abide by ICPC's code of conduct.


You also have a right to expect certain conduct and resolution from us - here you can access our policies and procedures and what you can expect from us.

To view the following policies and procedures, please click here

  • ICPC Appeals policy for learners 2020
  • ICPC Complaints policy 2020
  • ICPC Conflict of Interest policy 2020
  • ICPC Data protection policy 2020
  • ICPC Disability Discrimination policy 2020
  • ICPC Fair Access policy 2020
  • ICPC Health and Safety updated policy 2020
  • ICPC IQA policy 2020
  • ICPC Learner Identification policy 2020
  • ICPC  Malpractice, Maladministration and Plagiarism policy 2020
  • ICPC Privacy policy 2020
  • ICPC Reasonable Adjustment and Special Consideration Procedure 2020
  • ICPC Recognition of Prior Learning policy 2020
  • ICPC Record Keeping policy 2020