Celebrant Professional Development

One of the key principles to any profession is that you never stop learning and we are determined to help you continue learning as you build your celebrancy business.

While training is part of that journey there are also moments where you need more support and expert advice as your celebrancy business grows.

Some of these opportunities on this page are available to exclusively to ICPC members but where appropriate, any celebrant in need to support and advice can access our services.


ICPC Members Workshop

10am to 4pm

Wednesday 29th June 2022

Elim Conference Centre Malvern, Worcestershire

Everyone loves the symbolism and mystery of rituals. In our celebrant training we learned about handfasting and sand ceremonies, but what else could we do?

Would you like to be able to offer your couples and families a range of fascinating, joyful and enriching rituals?

Would you like to learn more about a range of rituals that bring magic to your ceremonies; ones that you can adapt, as well as write new ones yourself?

In this Creative, Engaging and Practical Members Day, we will explore the meaning of ritual and develop new rituals that reflect our modern society, as well as learning more about those that honour Tradition and Culture. You will gain insight into exciting, contemporary and meaningful rituals; have practical experience of delivering them and learn how to manage the space within which you do that. 

You will also be able to work on your creative writing skills and leave energised and motivated, with the confidence to write new rituals that bring delight, joy and depth to the ceremonies for the couples and families you work with.

Open to ICPC Members.

Cost:  £99 - all materials, refreshments and lunch are included in the price.


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Quarterly professional coaching sessions

Ok, so we're not going to teach you how to climb actual mountains but sometimes making strides with your celebrancy business can feel like an uphill struggle...

These coaching sessions are specifically designed to help you get over roadblocks in your business. If you are facing specific challenges that you would like our team to address during the session, you can email use directly and we'll try and address it in the session.

Available to all ICPC Member's at no cost. We only ask that you book your place in advance.

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Quarterly Professional Coaching session dates - ICPC Members only.

These are group coaching sessions with Stuart Morris and Julie Bisacre.

These are great sessions to tackle the niggles in your business, bring fresh perspective and expert advice to help you break through.

Friday 18th March

Professional Coaching session

6.30 - 7.30pm

Friday 24th June

Professional Coaching session

6.30 - 7.30pm
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Friday 23rd 


Professional Coaching session

6.30 - 7.30pm
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Friday 16th December

Professional Coaching session

6.30 - 7.30pm
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1 - 1 private business coaching - open to all.

Members: £35 
Non-members: £45

Half hour private coaching session with Maxine Ward - Business coach, Life coach and Celebrant.

This is a fantastic option if you would like the dedication and privacy that comes from having someone focussed solely on you.

Maxine will work with you to address your challenges in practical and sensitive ways. She'll help you build "next steps" and overcome the feeling of inertia and help you take control today.

Click here to book your one to one session with Maxine and start to build momentum in your business.

To book your session with Maxine - please follow the link below to purchase a session. You'll receive a link to Maxine's calendar and you can book a time that suits you.

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NOCN Coursework Study groups for ICPC Members.

We know that when it comes to doing written coursework, it can sometimes be daunting especially if you haven't been in a learning environment for some time.

While your tutor can answer any really pressing questions you have, if you would like more information about what is expected and how to go about tackling your coursework - our study groups are perfect for you.

Each study group date will focus on a particular set of units within the coursework. While there is no prescribed order in which they should be completed, we have tried to give you a sensible order in which to work through them.

Please read the requisites before booking your study group place...


To be eligible to book for a study group you have to have:

a) Enrolled with [email protected] and informed them that you want to start your Level 3 Certificate in Civil Celebrancy and you will be sent a submission link.

b) Please only book a place in the group for the units you are currently working on. Once you move on to other units, you'll have a chance to join us again for those specific units.

For those of you who have already started but would like some additional guidance on specific units, we have decided that the eight study units fall neatly into three different areas of study.

Places will be limited to twenty per session and so you will need to book your place in advance.

Study Group 1

Tuesday 5th April


The first group is to cover the units

  • Health and Safety (8448) 
  • Valuing Equality and Diversity(1013).

These two units are a very good starting point for your qualification.
They rely on common sense, your own experiences and some basic research.
We will also cover some aspects of writing in an essay style.



Study Group 2

Wednesday 4th May

This second session is covering units

  • Planning and Delivering Civil Ceremonies (8450);
  • Creating and Conducting a Civil funeral Service (8459) 
  • Working with the Bereaved (8458).

All these have practical elements that are covered in training. They contain some assessment criteria that asks you to ‘Demonstrate’ - and we will be explaining how we will cover this assessment through a professional discussion.

These units all ask you to write about the structure, component parts and protocols of the various ceremonies. 

Study Group 3 

Thursday 9th June

This third session is studying the units - 

  • Understanding Celebratory Ceremonies in the UK (8449)
  • Understanding Professional Civil Celebrancy in the UK (8447) 
  •  Understanding the UK Funeral Industry (8457).

These three units all ask you to study the development of the different aspects of Celebrancy, roles and protocols within them.



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