3 Sales & Marketing Strategies for Celebrants to Thrive in Their Business

celebrant training Nov 20, 2023

As a celebrant, your role is central in marking life’s important milestones. To do this, you must find customers and make bookings for ceremonies, which means applying some business acumen. We know this is new and a little scary to many of you, and your background might be a million miles away from sales and marketing, and so you  will be pleased to know that we are going to support you in this process. 

By employing the following strategies, you can attract clients, build strong relationships, and establish a thriving celebrant practice. Here are some key sales strategies to consider:

Build A Strong Online Presence

Everyone is now online, including the huge majority of your customers. Building an online presence is important regardless of which Celebrancy niche you are in, but is particularly important for wedding Celebrants as most of your customers will search online to find one. 

  • It is a basic requirement to have a professional website. You will need one that showcases your expertise, services, and testimonials from satisfied clients. 

  • You will need to utilise social media platforms to share engaging content, interact with potential clients, and establish yourself as an authority in your field.

  •  Consistently maintain and update your online presence to stay  relevant and attract new clients.

If you are already trained as a Celebrant, you will be pleased to find out  comprehensive Digital Marketing Course for Celebrants in the ICPC shop here. (put link when  it’s uploaded)

Establish Referral Networks

Word-of-mouth recommendations are probably the most powerful for any business, including Celebrants. This makes it imperative to foster relationships with wedding planners, event coordinators, venue managers, funeral homes/ directors, and other industry professionals who can refer clients to you. You may like to offer them incentives for referrals, and maintain strong connections with these partners to generate a consistent stream of leads. Remember referrals are two-ways - so you can refer your customers to other businesses in your network (such as a venue) to strengthen your professional relationships further. It’s also good to keep in mind that other Celebrants are your peers, not your competition, and you can refer (and receive referrals) from those in the same role as you. You can read more about this way of working here. 

Attend Industry Events

When someone meets you in person, it leaves a more lasting impression than when they meet you online. If you participate in wedding fairs, industry conferences, and networking events, you can meet potential clients face-to-face and establish valuable connections. You will need to be prepared to showcase your services, distribute marketing materials, and engage in meaningful conversations. These events provide opportunities to increase brand awareness, gain industry insights, and establish yourself as a reputable Celebrant. 

By implementing these sales strategies, Celebrants can expect to make more bookings, gain a better reputation on the market and stand out from the crowd. 

To learn more ways to market yourself, you can become an ICPC member and benefit from our free CPD, and other add-on courses available on our website. 

If you have not yet trained as a Celebrant, please check out our Residential Celebrancy training courses, with options to train in the north (Yorkshire) or the south west (Exeter).