5 Traits Every Celebrant Needs

career engagement Aug 06, 2022

Celebrancy isn’t for everyone. It is a specialised discipline requiring training and the right personality traits. When you are considering a career in celebrancy, or wondering about the best celebrant training courses UK, it is important to do lots of research and become very familiar with the reality of celebrancy. You can even take our quiz to find out whether you have the traits for celebrancy. Not everyone is cut out for this path, but those who possess the correct attributes and traits will find this to be a rewarding career. So what personality traits does a celebrant need? 


Celebrancy is a self-employed role. You must be able to place yourself visibly in the market and sell yourself to prospective clients. You must be persuasive, engaging and you need to know your facts and figures. Confidence and motivation is key. 

Communication skills

From the sales pitch to the end of the ceremony, your communication skills must be spot on. You must be able to communicate verbally, on the phone and in writing. Face to face communication is important. You must also be able to email your clients and other vendors in an eloquent and clear way. If you are ever worried about your communication style, don’t worry. You get to practise this when you train as a celebrant with us. 


As a celebrant you will be dealing with many different happy and challenging situations. From baby naming ceremonies to difficult funerals, there’s not much that you won’t see as a celebrant. Grieving family members require an enormous amount of empathy - which means being able to theoretically place yourself in their shoes and better understand their position; all this while practising emotional control and looking after your own welfare. You will also need to use empathy if there is family conflict over the ceremony. For example, if a widower and his son cannot agree on how their wife/mother’s funeral should be conducted, they may have conflict right there in front of you. It’ll be your job to calmly listen to both parties, sensitively working through possible solutions.

Solution Orientated

As mentioned above, sometimes a celebrant will need to resolve conflict or mediate between family members. Having a solution focused mediation approach is critical in finding a way forward. You should be able to envision the goal and direct the clients towards it. Also, you may find you face a few hiccups in practical terms when trying to organise a wedding ceremony. For example, you might have relied on another vendor to get something done for you in time and they haven’t done it. It’s your job to remain calm and find a new solution should the other one fail. 


Juggling multiple clients, attending ceremonies all over the country and balancing sales and marketing activities requires a keen eye for detail and excellent organisational skills. You must be able to use a computer, keep records and stay on top of tasks. If you have any experience in office work or in a profession where organisational skills are required, you may easily transfer these skills into a celebrancy career. 

Celebrancy isn’t for everyone, but those who have the above attributes tend to thrive. For more information on becoming a celebrant, go to our residential training page and discover courses in your area. We are happy to answer any questions you have. 

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