7 Advantages of Becoming a Civil Celebrant

Aug 16, 2022

Thinking about becoming a celebrant? Are you wondering, ‘what does a wedding celebrant do?’ Perhaps you know someone who is doing it and want to know more about the best celebrant training UK? Great! We are here to give you all the information you need about becoming a celebrant as well as the key advantages and benefits of doing so. 

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What is a celebrant?

A celebrant is a person who conducts and oversees a ceremony such as a wedding or funeral. As well as being a highly rewarding career path, there are also a number of other benefits to becoming a celebrant. Wedding celebrants can work part time or full time and manage their schedules and bookings to fit around other commitments, making it the perfect choice for some people. 

But, wedding Celebrancy isn’t for everyone and we want to make sure you have all the information before embarking on the best celebrant training UK. 

You become part of another person’s most profound memories

Being a wedding celebrant isn’t just observing someone else’s life milestones from the sidelines, but taking an active, central role in them. Whether you are conducting a sensitive farewell at a funeral or a wild and wonderful wedding, you are centre stage to the proceedings. You get to know your clients on an intimate level and directly share in their joy, or sorrow, throughout the ceremony. You will be remembered for the rest of their lives, feature in their wedding photos, and help couples to write vows they keep forever. 

When you train to be a celebrant with ICPC, we teach you the structure of the ceremony, how to write creatively, how to interview clients to elicit the most information and guide you in providing the best possible service and care to your clients. 

It’s joyful, powerful and rewarding

As well as being part of another person’s journey, you get to have your own powerful experiences as a wedding or funeral celebrant UK. Some situations may touch you very deeply, such as the death of a young person or a particularly touching love story. You can learn and grow as a person through these experiences - not just about being a good celebrant, but about life and death, love and grief, rituals and roles - and much more. We also help you to protect your own welfare and control your emotions when they threaten to overspill into a ceremony.

When you train to be a celebrant UK with ICPC, you do so in a way that explores and challenges your own views,  feelings and experiences. This can be quite challenging  as you transition into this career path. You may decide that this is not the path for you. Having the right skill set, experience and attributes will help you be a successful celebrant. If you are still unsure and thinking ‘should I become a celebrant?’, take our quiz and find out more. 

You have freedom to work when you want 

There is happiness in freedom. That includes in the workplace. Having the freedom to pick your own hours, work where and when you want and take breaks when it suits you is unparalleled. Forget begging for time off work or competing for the best annual leave slots - a self employed celebrant is his or her own boss. The mental health impacts are also profound. A survey published by PeopleManagement in 2019 showed that 39% of people who enjoyed flexible working reported better mental wellness. Another study on self employment showed that self-employed people are more likely to enjoy better self worth and job satisfaction than those working for an employer. As a celebrant, you can go as full-throttle or laissez-faire as you like. Your job is in your own hands. 

Anyone can do it, with the right attitude

Can anyone be a celebrant?  Good question! The answer is yes and no. Celebrancy is a unique trade and you need certain personality traits and motivations to do it. You can take our quiz to discover if celebrancy is the right path for you. Do you need qualifications to be a celebrant? Again, a good question. While we recommend every celebrant begin their journey with formal training, you do not need any other qualifications to become one. There is no need to attend university or college  However, training really is a useful tool for getting off on the right foot, and it does cost money to do this. We recommend you are in a good stable financial position to make the investment - not just for training but for a successful career launch. 

There will always be a market for it

In the UK, every day, around 1400 people die. This means there is always a market for funeral services. Similarly, thousands of weddings are conducted in the UK every week - and hiring a wedding celebrant over a priest or rabbi is increasingly popular. You will never have a traffic problem - the market is full of potential customers. Most other industries cannot boast the same opportunities. 

You’ll make lifelong friends

When you train with the International College of Professional Celebrants, not only do you learn the ins and outs of celebrancy, but you meet other people on the same journey. Given the personal nature of celebrancy, we can guarantee that friendships will be made. You’ll also have access to a Facebook group filled with new and existing  celebrants. Alongside this, you will be working in a highly sociable job, so meeting people will come naturally to you after a period of time. Expect your social calendar to grow substantially!

You can travel

Being a celebrant does not restrict you to one region. You can move around the country, explore new hotels and venues, enjoy new sights and sounds and treat each event as a mini holiday if you like. The beauty of this career is that you will find clients all over the country if you want to. Or, if you prefer to stay local, you can do that too. 

We want to help you with your journey into celebrancy. 

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