Are You Using Your Membership To Its Full Potential?

celebrant training Jun 30, 2023

Before you train as a Celebrant with ICPC, we make a promise to you that you will receive ongoing support before, during and after your training is completed. One of the ways we do this is by offering a 12 month free ICPC membership, which renews at just £12.50 per month after the first year. 

Being an ICPC member comes with many benefits, including public liability and professional indemnity insurance, community support, resources, Free CPD, Members Days and access to exclusive content to help develop your Celebrancy business. We want to remind you of all the ICPC membership features to ensure that you are using your membership to your advantage. 

Here’s how you can make your membership work for you. 

Join Our Members Only Facebook Page

The ICPC Members Only Facebook group page is, as it says on the tin, a closed community for ICPC members only. This can include paid members who have trained with us, those in their free 12 month membership stage, or those who trained elsewhere but became members with ICPC afterwards. The group is designed to support each other’s businesses, give and receive advice, refer customers and celebrate success. You can join it here

Attend Celebrant Connect

Celebrant Connect is an opportunity to meet other Celebrants in your region, face to face, to socialise, ask questions to and shadow. Our list  of Celebrants shows you who is near you. You can join this list yourself too, which will allow other Celebrants to contact you. Keep an eye out on the Facebook page for an event near you, or you can even organise one yourself! 

Book A Coaching Session

Members receive some free and some discounted coaching and mentoring opportunities. You can ask questions about your business, receive customised business advice, receive motivation and inspiration, and grow your business more rapidly. Click here to book

Read Our Resources

As a member, you have access to some excellent Celebrant resources including sample scripts, ceremony ideas and business development resources. We encourage you to read these regularly, check for updates, and continually apply these resources to your business. 

Attend Our Free CPD

CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is an opportunity for you, as an ICPC member, to develop your business via our live or pre-recorded monthly sessions - free of charge. You can learn new and interesting aspects of Celebrancy and pick up key skills to take forward into your business. Keep an eye on our Members Facebook page for more information!

For just £12.50 per month, you are receiving invaluable insights from working Celebrants and Celebrant trainers, as well as meeting new friends and building your professional network. If you have not yet renewed your 12 month free membership, please do so here so that you can continue to use its benefits and features.