Benefits of joining the ICPC Family

membership Dec 14, 2021
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The Ethos of the ICPC family membership

As you know every good family supports each other through good times and bad.  As a family member we know that if we are having problems we can reach out to our family for support. And when we have successes we can share our good fortune with our family and all celebrate together.  

Included in our Membership.

Please wear your ICPC badge with pride. You are our representative in the world of celebrancy. We hope that as you wear it, you conduct yourself professionally and be courteous to everyone at all times.

Included with your ICPC membership is your specialist celebrant insurance. This enables you to confidently practice your ceremonies in the full knowledge that you will be covered for any accidents. We know that you carry out health and safety checks but sometimes things are beyond our control so insurance is vital. We provide both Public Liability insurance and Professional Indemnity insurance.

As a member you will be sent regular communications regarding Members' Days and CPD events. We believe it is important to refresh our training with opportunities to learn more about all aspects of celebrancy. We also welcome any celebrant who has specialist knowledge to come and share their skills with us all.

Our exciting and impressive training college in North Yorkshire provides the perfect atmosphere for Celebrant Retreats. As soon as Covid allows we will be advertising our next Retreat for  2022.

New for 2022 – We are offering free individual or small group Coaching Sessions every quarter. We will send you the dates via email and If you would like to attend one of these, all you will need to do is to let us know your questions in advance. 

Our Facebook community is a private group where you can voice your opinion, ask a question or support other celebrants. We feel it is important to have this safe space, where there are no silly questions and all comments are supportive. 

Finally, as a member you can access the ICPC filestore. This  is a place to find celebrant resources. We are gradually building these up and welcome the addition of any useful poems, readings, scripts or ideas. Please add to them and use them to help you, but remember you have been trained to creatively write personalised ceremonies. 


How To Become A Member

 As you can see, being an ICPC member has so many advantages and at only £10 per month proves to be great value for money. If you would like to become a member please visit our membership page to sign up.


Julie Bisacre

Operations Director.