Can Anyone Become an ICPC Member?

celebrant training Sep 17, 2023

Working as a professional Civil Celebrant is exciting, rewarding, challenging and incredibly interesting. You get to play an important role in the most crucial milestones of people’s lives - funerals, marriages, baby naming and more. But being a Celebrant (or any independent, self employed person for that matter), can be lonely if you do not have the right network around you. 

If you are currently working as a Celebrant, or are at the start of your journey to becoming one, it’s important that you feel supported and well-connected in this industry so that you can enjoy it fully. Being part of a celebrant community will be so rewarding and helpful in your career.

That is one of the reasons why we created the International College of Professional Celebrants membership. This welcoming community of Celebrants offers advantages and perks compared to going-it-alone. Here are a few of them:

ICPC Membership Benefits

All members, whether you trained with us or not, have access to the following benefits. 

  1. Celebrant Public Liability Insurance that covers you up to £5,000,000. Public Liability Insurance safeguards you against the cost of claims by customers or members of the public alleging injury or damage to property caused by your business activities.
  2. An exclusive Facebook group. Our Members Only Facebook Group is a safe, fun and lively place for members to share ideas, insights and information with one another. 
  3. Access to a professional coaching session. You will be invited to put forward your coaching needs in advance so that each session can be tailored to what you need with regard to support.
  4. One to one personal and business coaching at a discounted rate. Members only pay £35 for coaching, whereas for non members it is £45. 
  5. An ICPC name badge. Wearing this prestigious badge will show your customers you have been trained ICPC and are a fully qualified Celebrant. 
  6. Secure cloud storage. You’ll get 5Gb of UK based GDPR compliant encrypted cloud data storage. Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, OSX and Linux.
  7. Online resources for ceremonies. Anything you need to make your job easier, we have for you online. 
  8. Access to further education at Members prices. We want to help you develop as a Celebrant by offering courses, workshops and educational opportunities. 
  9. Access to members retreats. These are exclusive weekends away to meet up with fellow Celebrants and enjoy a variety of activities and TLC. 
  10. Professional Indemnity Insurance worth 1 million. This covers the cost of legal action if you should need to defend yourself against a matter related to your career. 

You get all of this for just £12.50 per month! Click here to become an ICPC member.

Not yet trained with us? You can get all the above benefits of membership, along with a full residential training course and a professional qualification! Click here to see our residential training dates.