Can Celebrants Perform Legal Ceremonies? An Update

Aug 08, 2022

Up until now, a celebrant has been able to oversee and support a wide range of civil ceremonies, but has not been permitted to perform the legal processes required to marry two people. However, there have been recent recommendations by the Law Commission to re-examine the current Marriage Laws and make the client’s choice of venue and officiant at the centre of the law. For those of you who may want a fuller overview of these recommendations, you can watch this video. 

These proposed changes are still in their infancy. But we want to help prepare our celebrants for potential changes nice and early. 

The NOCN Level 3 Certificate in Civil Celebrancy.

Nobody yet knows whether or not the NOCN Level 3 qualification will be a pre-requisite to carry out the legal aspects of wedding ceremonies, however, advisors to the Weddings Celebrancy Commission have made this suggestion. We think it’s wise for celebrants interested in carrying out legal ceremonies to have this qualification under their belt in time for the law change. 

We have always recommended that our delegates complete this qualification within 12 months of their training and many of them have. But unfortunately, not all of our trained celebrants have got around to completing it. 

Therefore, we are offering our past delegates who have yet to complete the NOCN to return to study with us. You can do this online with our video lectures, study notes and a personal tutor and will have an additional 12 months to complete this course. The cost for completing all 8 units and a Professional Discussion is £500. However, if you submitted any units at all, these will be on record and will offset the total by £62.50 per unit. So if you have completed 3 units and then stopped, we will offset those 3 units and take £187.50 off the £500 which leaves £312.50.

If you have more or less units completed - you can calculate how much more you will need to pay to complete your qualification.

What Do You Get For Your Money?  

Is a question you may well be asking yourself. You will be given all the information you need through the videos, study notes and reading recommendations. Your personal tutor will also help you as you go through the process and will guide you to complete within the time frame. There is only Complete or Incomplete - no grading is given for this. Your work will be assessed and if the criteria is met then you have completed that unit. Your Personal Tutor will direct you and help you for every unit.


If you would like to start this qualification then please contact [email protected] and she will go through with you what needs to be done.