How Christmas Can Help You Source More Leads

Dec 19, 2021
Christmas celebration, tree and wine glasses

Christmas is one of the few occasions that are celebrated almost all over the world.

So popular is this holiday that even non-Christian and non-religious people observe the day – or at least take some time off to celebrate the holiday. As a celebrant, the festive season ushers in a world of opportunities, from holding Christmas weddings to officiating Christmas parties. People are in a celebratory mood, and being there to drive the celebrations gives them time to have fun, and for you, an opportunity to showcase your celebrant skills. While at it, you can use the festive season to generate more leads for your business, so you can stay booked all year round.


How does Christmas help you Source More Leads?

Friends and Family

As friends and family come together to celebrate Christmas, you will have multiple opportunities to market your celebrancy business. Take advantage of extended family gatherings and meet-ups with friends to make a quick mention of your business. Chances are someone might be planning to hold a celebrant-led ceremony and they were not aware that you are providing the services. You could also get referrals from a friend or family member later on.


Hosting a Christmas Party

If no one in your family or circle of friends is hosting a Christmas party, you can consider hosting one. This might work in your favour, especially if the turn up is good and the ceremony a success. Make the day plenty of fun, and be sure to mention that you also offer celebrant services. If the day is a success, you can host it annually, pick different venues, and voila! You have a new Christmas tradition plus more opportunities to source leads for your celebrancy business.


Christmas Fairs

In any town or city, there will be a Christmas fair. Stalls, rides and fairy lights will crowd the town-square, giving you a great marketing opportunity. Set up your own stall with fun, romantic, festive games, items and brochures. Talk to newly engaged couples, families and pregnant ladies to ensure everyone knows who you are. 


Christmas Weddings

If you love Christmas like us, then a Christmas wedding can make the season extra special. If you’re lucky and have been hired to officiate a Christmas wedding, make it a blast. Plan exquisitely by working closely with the couple to deliver a fairy tale wedding. The success of this particular day may define the success of your celebrant business. The couple and their guests may be thoroughly impressed and invite you to officiate future ceremonies, and that’s how you create leads into the future.


We Can Help

Leads can make or break a business and the celebrancy industry is no different. As competitive as it’s becoming, it’s imperative that you work smart to ensure that you are getting more leads and, by extension, more future business. Christmas is a perfect time to do just that, and depending on your strategy, you can get enough leads to push you through the new year, and even beyond.


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