How to help a shy bride

Feb 14, 2022

Officiating a wedding is one of the most interesting experiences in your celebrancy career. As part of that process, you get to meet a lot of people - and each person will have their unique experience of the ceremony ahead of them. 


Sometimes, you might come into contact with a particularly shy person - such as a shy bride. As a wedding celebrant, it is your responsibility to ensure that every couple overcomes any fears and enjoys the experience as much as possible. 


The problem with shyness is that it tends to be a lifelong characteristic that it’s going to vanish on the wedding day. So, here are some tips you can employ to help a shy bride.


Keep The Ceremony On The Shorter Side

The best way to help a shy bride is to make the ceremony as short as possible. Whether you are conducting a bridal shower or a wedding ceremony, a short ceremony can be a great relief for a shy bride. 


As you plan the speeches and other activities that directly involve the bride, always ensure that they are short. It is also important to make the wedding vows short but precise. This ensures that the bride spends the shortest time possible while also ensuring that the bride doesn’t feel overwhelmed by the whole event. 


Shift the Focus

A shy bride might hate the idea of everyone looking at her. There are ways to move past this without disrupting the flow of the ceremony. For example, you might abandon the ‘walking down the aisle’ component of the wedding and have the couple sitting together at the front of the room, without making a big entrance. You can limit the number of rituals that involve the bride and groom, and instead make the ceremony far more communal. For example, you might organise for family and friends to give readings, which automatically shifts focus to that guest, and away from the bride. 

Ask For The Bride’s Opinion

When planning a wedding, you may want to have the bride decide what would make her comfortable during her big day. You can let her decide on what to wear as long as it makes her comfortable. 


You may also let the couple take their vows in a private ceremony and invite their guests thereafter. You should offer to help the bride overcome her shyness and ensure that she enjoys her day by doing what makes her comfortable. 


Reassure Her

One of your roles as a wedding celebrant is to ensure that the couple enjoys every bit of their wedding day. You are also responsible for reassuring the bride that all will be well. Therefore, be kind and accommodating and let the bride trust you during her big day. Also, compliment her and reassure her that she looks great.    


The Takeaway


In your journey to help a shy bride, you may need some professional help. The International College of Professional Celebrants has got you covered. You can reach out to us at 033 33 404 434 to learn more or you can join our Facebook group for celebrants and ask for advice from those who have encountered plenty of shy brides over the years.