How to manage and display your celebrancy portfolio

Jan 10, 2022
A pile of wedding photographs stacked haphazardly

As a celebrant, you must be able to gain new business. Otherwise, your career will stagnate. Getting new business requires a set of sales and marketing skills. You can learn these skills on one of our courses, or you might have already acquired some of this knowledge from previous careers you’ve had. 

Either way, one thing you’ll need when gaining new business is a portfolio. 


What is a portfolio?

A portfolio is simply a display of your past accomplishments that your next set of clients might be interested in. Think about what happens when a person visits a wedding photographer to ascertain whether that photographer will be a good fit. The photographer will show a printed or digital display of past weddings they’ve photographed, so that you can observe their style. That is their portfolio. It helps to show what you can do - giving the client a visual view.


What should be in your portfolio?

These days, most portfolios are digital. You might display it on an ipad or similar tablet device. However, some of you (and some of your clients) might prefer a printed portfolio. It might be sensible to have both. 

Your portfolio should include:

  • Pictures and details of ceremonies you’re particularly proud of. 
  • Details about ceremonies that represent your ‘typical’ client. For example, if you mostly focus on the wedding sector, your portfolio should primarily be made up of wedding ceremonies. 
  • Testimonials. Happy clients help to social proof your business. 83% of people trust reviews over advertising - so having these testimonials can help persuade your next client to hire you. 
  • Consistent branding. Make sure you have a colour scheme, font and logo that reflect your business and align with your website. 
  • Links to your website. Your portfolio can also be displayed digitally on your website for clients to view before or after meeting you. 


Let Your Portfolio Speak For Itself

Sometimes, your portfolio is all that’s needed to sway a client into hiring you. Make sure it is perfect. Ensure that each image and text you choose is positive and inspiring. You want your prospective clients to look at your portfolio and know instantly that they want to hire you. If they’re already sold, then the initial meeting will go swimmingly. 

Remember, keep your portfolio up to date. When your portfolio shows your last wedding ceremony as 5 years ago, it gives the impression you are out of business. This may not be the case, so it’s a good idea to keep it as present-day as possible. 


We Can Help

We offer a number of celebrancy training courses, from the celebrancy fundamentals all the way up to refining your sales and marketing techniques. Get in touch with us today to discover which course would be best for you. If you are already a trained celebrant with us, there are still many services we can offer you which will enhance your business and give you a step up in confidence.