How to Overcome Price Objection Challenge

Nov 24, 2021
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As a self employed celebrant, you set your own rates. Rates vary depending on your experience and what it is you are offering, so there is no ‘right answer’ when it comes to cost. When you train with us, we teach you how to set a rate that is fair to your client but also good for your business.

There may be some clients who may object to your price, and want to pay way too little, thus complicating the whole process. So, how do you overcome the price objection challenge? Here are four tips to guide you through

Know the Prevailing Rates
As a celebrant, you should be aware of the prevailing charges for different ceremonies. Depending on the type of ceremony and the duration, celebrants earn £100-£4000, according to The Celebrant Directory. With this information in mind, you can come up with a figure that falls within that range, making it easier to negotiate with your clients.

Listen to Your Client’s Reasons for Price Objection
Some prospective clients may object to your price, not because it’s way too high, but because they think they could get a better deal elsewhere. So, before you rush to discount your price, listen to their side of the story and initiate a convincing strategy that will lead to an agreement in the long run.

Let your client understand the value of your services. You can back up your explanation with statistics, to help your client understand the reason behind your pricing. Remember to keep gently pushing the idea that, while they could get it cheaper elsewhere, there is true value in what you are offering that makes the price worthwhile.

Perfect the Art of Negotiating
Never shy away from trying your best to strike that deal. Be ready to negotiate with your client until you can finally agree. Negotiating allows you to table your budget, with the cost of every item included therein, and discuss it with your client. You may also want to challenge your client to make their offer, and then negotiate based on their proposed amount.

If your client still insists that the price is too high, let them propose the amount they would want reduced from what you had quoted. This way, you leave your client in a better position to determine what they would want to pay. In the end, you allow your client to make a compromise, and may eventually settle for something slightly less than your quoted price, but still within your range.

Give them time and follow up regularly
If you have priced yourself fairly, then it is likely a bit more digging will show your prospective client that the deals elsewhere aren’t dramatically different. Give your prospective client the time to explore the market but make sure you stay in touch and show them how keen you are to work with them. Remember to keep adding value - give them ideas, hints and tips for the ceremony to demonstrate your knowledge in this space. This is a good reminder of your expertise, and that you’re not just after their cash. Follow up with them several times, politely and enthusiastically, until they are ready to make a purchase.

The Takeaway
As a celebrant, you will no doubt experience a price objection challenge at some point in your career. Overcoming these challenges calls for excellent negotiating skills, professionalism, and a clear understanding of your client’s needs. At the International College of Professional Celebrants, we can help you make the best of your celebrancy career as we teach you some tips on how to overcome price objection challenge. Call us today at 033 33 404 434, and we will be glad to answer your questions.