How to stand out at a wedding fair

wedding weddings Jun 10, 2022

Wedding fairs offer a great opportunity for celebrants and event planners to showcase their expertise in the industry. Newly engaged couples also get an opportunity to sample what the industry has to offer. A wedding fair, therefore, brings the service provider and the customer together, not to mention links up suppliers to help support each other’s businesses.  


At The International College of Professional Celebrants, we prefer to see other celebrants and suppliers as our friends, rather than our competitors. It is likely at a wedding fair you will see other celebrants promoting their services too. This is your opportunity not only to try and find great clients to work with, but to meet like minded professionals you can give and receive referrals. Here’s how to shine at a wedding fair and make the most out of the event. 


Understand Your Target Market Segment 

Wedding fairs differ as you move from one market to another. You need to understand your audience and the general setup of the market. What is good for the urban wedding fair may turn away customers from the countryside. 


The choice of venue and stall arrangements for younger couples may also not be the same for those maturing in age. Make sure that your setup and surroundings suit your target market. 


Focus on Value Addition

There are many wedding fairs in the UK. There could be one for every weekend, which gives couples the freedom of choice. So what makes you stand above your peers or and is your competitive edge?


Instead of standing there handing out information (which nearly every vendor will be doing) offer added value such as a lesson in vow writing, a workshop or a taster session in hand fasting. Hand out takeaways and gifts and ensure clients will remember you. 


Let Your Presentation Floor Stand Out

Wedding fairs provide a great chance of winning customers. But since you are not alone at the wedding fair, you need to attract visitors to your stall or presentation area. 


So, how do you generate traffic to your stand? You attract visitors by creating eye-catching displays at your stand. Try to be unique in how you set up your stall and other exhibition areas. You could try:


  • Fun flower arrangements
  • Creating an alter
  • A display of ritual based accessories
  • Video and graphics


Presentation and Overall Image

Your presentation and body language will determine whether the visitors will want to meet you again or not. Use a friendly tone, but don’t be too casual with your visitors. Talk and present in a similar way to how you’d talk and present at the wedding day, so that customers can see exactly what they are getting. 


For More Information

If you wish to learn more about wedding fairs and how to make the best out of them, the International College of Professional Celebrants has you covered. Take advantage of our flexible programs to move your business to the next level.