Let me give you a free hour every day

Jul 15, 2018

This week I've got a tip for you that is going to save you at least an hour a day!
So I'm giving you five whole hours a week or if you also work the weekend then seven...
so I'm giving you a whole working day for free every week from now on if you put this one tip into play.

And what is that one tip?
Every morning, when you wake up, DO NOT TOUCH YOUR PHONE, don't look at Facebook, don't look at email, Instagram or Twitter, any kind of social media or email.

That's the really important one for at least the first few hours of the day.

What I'd like you to do, to start with, is every day for the next week, do not look at social media or your phone or your computer for email for at least the first hour of the day. Get up go have a big drink, tea, coffee, water (gin) breakfast, your normal routine, but don't look at anything digital yet.

Then, when you're ready to start work, sit down and focus your first hour of your working day on the thing that you need to get done, whether it is writing a ceremony or doing some marketing, whatever it is do that thing!

Now, phase two of this is where you actually don't look at your email or anything social media-y until at least 11 o'clock so that first coffee break of the morning is the first time that you allow yourself to get in there and look at social media and email.

Why are we doing this? Because email especially is just a way of, really efficiently, organising other people's priorities for your day If you can focus your first couple of hours of productivity on your priorities for the day you are going to get an awful lot more of your important stuff done, the stuff that you need to get done. Then, while you're having your coffee break, at 11 o'clock or whenever it is, have a quick flip through Facebook, like everybody's photos of cats doing stupid things or whatever it is, have a quick look at email see if there's anything that you have to respond to.

The chances are there probably isn't.

That's it. That's today's quick tip. I promise you, if you do this religiously (interesting word for me to use) if you do this every day... do not look at your social media for at least the first hour, preferably the first two or three hours of the day, you will gain at least an hour of productivity every day