Should I Become A Celebrant?

Aug 20, 2022

People choose to train as celebrants for all sorts of reasons. You might have reached a point in your life where you feel the call to do something different. Perhaps you’ve grown tired of your career and feel you want something more rewarding. Or perhaps you have been through a significant life event and now want to use that experience in a meaningful, positive way. 

Whatever the reason, we are here to help you decide - Should I become a celebrant?

First and foremost, you can take our quiz. Our quiz is designed to direct you to a better understanding of whether or not celebrancy is for you. At the International College of Professional Celebrants (ICPC), we only want to train people who are not only enthusiastic, but who have the necessary traits and attributes required for the role. So, here’s the link to the quiz - and someone will be in touch. 

What does a celebrant do?

If you are still unsure, a celebrant is a person who plans, writes and conducts ceremonies such as weddings and funerals. As it stands at the time of writing, celebrants cannot complete the legal aspects of a wedding ceremony, but this is likely to change since the Law Commissions recommendations (July 2021) - so watch this space! 

A celebrant is a popular choice for people who want a ceremony without religious input. As a celebrant you will meet your clients (for example, the family of a deceased person or a couple planning their wedding), guide them,  structure the ceremony,  support the clients through the process and become an integral part of their incredible life journeys. 

Should I become a celebrant?

There are many different traits and attributes a celebrant should have. Some of these are empathy, good listening skills, excellent personal organisation, emotional intelligence and a personal interest in people and rituals. Having these qualities is a good start, but there are other considerations too…


  • Do you have time for celebrancy?


Some people choose to become a celebrant full time. Others like to run it alongside another job. Either way, celebrancy is a commitment. There is so much more to it than turning up at a ceremony and reading a script. Each ceremony takes planning, meetings and time out from your other commitments. You also need to invest time into marketing and finding clients in the first place, not to mention networking with suppliers and doing your core celebrancy training  and further development courses. So, our question to you is - how do you want your celebrancy career to look and how will you have the time to dedicate towards this?


  • Can you afford it?


As with any business, celebrancy involves an upfront investment. You can’t just wake up one day and ‘become a celebrant’ without investing your time and money into it. First, it is really important to do some formal celebrancy training, such as that offered by ICPC. The upfront cost of this is £2725. After this, you will be equipped to set up your celebrancy business. But you will then also need to invest in a website, marketing materials, outfits and whatever else you feel you need to get going. We prefer to train delegates who are financially prepared for this commitment and will represent our training organisation well in the marketplace. 


  • What kind of celebrant?


Do you see yourself writing and delivering weddings? Funerals? Baby Namings? Vow Renewals? Or perhaps (like us) you prefer to have a good understanding of all ceremonies. That will ensure that  you will be able to write and deliver any ceremony? Have a think about what your business might focus on. Most training organisations only focus on one or the other. But at ICPC we teach you diversity and inclusion.  That you can make an informed choice and market yourself to your preferred area. 

If you are still wondering - should I become a celebrant? We can help. Call us today to discuss your options on 033 33 404 434 or take our quiz and someone will be in touch to answer your questions.