Support For Delegates With Disabilities At ICPC

celebrant training Oct 10, 2023

At The International College of Professional Celebrants, we ensure that anybody who is serious about becoming a Celebrant, and who has the traits and willingness needed to succeed, is able to access our world class training. There is no reason why a disability, visible or hidden, should ever be a barrier to this career path and the ICPC family wants to welcome everyone, no matter their background or ability. This is why we take care to ensure all needs are catered to equally.

What Do We Mean By ‘Disability’?

The 2010 Equality Act describes a disability as ‘a physical or mental impairment that has a ‘substantial’ and ‘long-term’ negative effect on your ability to do normal daily activities’. This could include a physical impairment that requires the use of a ramp, ground floor bedroom, or assistance by a service dog. Or it could mean a hidden impairment requiring specific adjustments to the way a lesson is taught, social interactions, or noise levels. At ICPC, we make all adjustments possible to ensure that any disability you have (whether this is diagnosed or not) is supported as much as possible. 

Our Accommodation

When you train with ICPC, you have a choice of two premises for residential training. The first is High Trenhouse in North Yorkshire, an exclusive-use, quiet venue in the middle of the Yorkshire Dales. The other is Exeter Court Hotel in Exeter, which is a beautiful hotel just off the motorway, easily accessible by car or other public transport. Both venues have their advantages and we encourage you to discuss the venue choice when enquiring about a course, to ensure any disability you have can be supported by that venue. 

Learning and Qualifications

Our trainers are working Celebrants and experts in education and training. If you have a disability that could impact your learning, whether it be in the classroom or the supporting online qualification, we are here to help. Please talk to us about what additional support, supplies or resources you could benefit from accessing. We ask that you speak to us before the course commences so that we can have everything prepared from day 1. 

Anti-Discrimination Policy 

At ICPC, we are a family. We encourage a respectful and friendly atmosphere amongst our delegates during training and beyond. We also have a supportive membership that you will be given 12 months free access to after you complete your training with us. In our community, we have a zero-tolerance policy on any behaviours or remarks that are discriminatory in any way. We also encourage you to speak to us if you see or suspect any behaviour that does not align with our inclusive values. 

We Want To Learn

We know that you are the expert on your disability - not us. We will never assume to know what you need, or what your abilities are. We are willing and open to learning about how your disability presents, anything we should look out for, and how we can help. Please speak to us confidentially about how we can best support you during training. 

Train With Us

If you would like to train as a Celebrant, we first advise you to take our quiz. This guides you through the traits and attributes we search for in our prospective Celebrants. You can also visit our residential training page and select your preferred venue from there, or book a call with us. We look forward to meeting you.