The ICPC Refresher Training

celebrant Jan 25, 2024

We understand that life can get busy, and that sometimes, your celebrancy business can be put on the back burner. Perhaps you’ve had some time out of your business for personal reasons, or have simply lost momentum and are struggling to get it back. We know how this feels, and would like  to support you and get back on track. This is why we have launched a refresher course for celebrants and are excited to share the details with you. 

Containing essential information you may have forgotten over the years, as well as the latest ceremonial trends and updated practices, this online one-day course is ideal for anyone who has trained with us, who wants to give their business a boost. 

Why Attend Celebrancy Refresher Training?

We have received requests from many of our members, for refresher training. There are many reasons why this is so important, including:


  • You may have had a break from celebrancy


A significant break from your celebrancy career might mean you feel anxious about re-entering the marketplace. This refresher course will bring you back up to speed, and give you the confidence to get your business going again. 


  • You trained a long time ago


Training is forever being updated and adapted to reflect the current themes, trends and demands within celebrancy. If you trained a long time ago, you may want to refresh your knowledge while adding additional strings to your bow with the latest training information. We have created a customised course built on feedback from our cohorts to give you helpful and meaningful course content. We will also personalise  it to help your own business challenges. 


  • It’s good practice


Staying current and keeping your celebrancy knowledge fresh is good practice for delivering high quality ceremonies. You will retain your excellent reputation and are more likely to gain repeat customers. We want to ensure we continue to train and mentor the very best celebrants in our profession, and know that you are one of them. 

What’s Included?

Our courses are agile so that they align with the latest information and practises within celebrancy. However, core features remain. On this refresher course for celebrants, we include a closer look at funerals, burials, interments and ash scatterings, as well as a refresher on symbolic rituals within weddings and vow renewals. We also present practical problem solving scenarios, marketing and business strategies, as well as time to reflect on your progress as a celebrant so far and create new aims and goals for your business in the future. 

Affordable and Accessible Training for Celebrants

Our celebrancy refresher course is affordable and delivered online as a one-day session. It’s something you can do from any location without the need to travel. Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll receive formal recognition of your attendance and feel ready to reignite your celebrancy business. 

We want to help you regain a passion for celebrancy, and feel confident to go back to doing what  you love most.

To enquire about attending our refresher course, click here