The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Christmas Wedding

weddings Dec 18, 2021
White wedding cake decorated with pine, pine cones and red berries

Christmas is the perfect time to have a wedding.

Everyone is in a celebratory mood, and nothing could be better than throwing a wedding party during the magical holiday season. As we head into the festive season, this is the best time to market yourself in the celebrancy industry. As a celebrant, your clients have invested time and resources in having their big day during the festive season. While it is not your job to organise the entire wedding (there are wedding planners for that), your input will be valuable. Plus, this is a great opportunity to recommend vendors and (hopefully) they’ll do the same for you.


Party Decoration Themes

It is a Christmas wedding and the theme should align with the season. However, this should not limit your choices or how elaborate you want the decorations to be. As long as you incorporate the traditional red and green throughout the event, you are free to create unique decorations that reveal your creativity. In any case, the couple have invited you to officiate the wedding and help them set the theme for a perfect Christmas wedding.

Although you are allowed room for creativity, it's always good to maintain some elements of traditional decorations. For this reason, you may have to include miniature Christmas trees, mistletoe, and other decorations associated with Christmas. Ribbons and bows can also help set the Christmas mood in the wedding.

Make sure you have a few names and companies you can recommend to your client who provides this service. 


Wedding Day Outfits 

Your clients might ask you for ideas on outfits, or even ask you what you’ll be wearing on the day so that you can all complement each other. Christmas themed outfit, warm fur shawls, bright red tones - the choices are endless. Discuss this with your clients so that you (and they) can visualise the ceremony more clearly.  


Christmas Photo Booth

Most Christmas weddings take place outdoors. You may, therefore, need to set a photo booth where the couple and their guests can take their photos. Photos help to preserve the memories of an event and should capture the important details of the event. Since it’s a Christmas wedding, the Christmas theme should be visible. 

The booth can have a background of red and green streamers, ribbons, balloons, and other Christmas themed ornaments. You can also include Santa in the arrangement along with instant cameras in the booth.

You may play a role in helping orchestrate the photo booth, if you want to.


The Wedding Menu

The festive season is usually cold and wet. The menu should, therefore, keep the guests warm to avoid diluting the celebratory mood. Here, you can have a menu that reflects the couple’s preferences and some touch of your creativity. However, it's always good to incorporate the Christmas tradition into the menu. You can include the traditional turkey, cranberry sauce, roast potatoes, among other traditional Christmas foods.


Christmas Wedding Cake

The wedding cake should also reflect the Christmas theme. You can have a stylish, multi-tiered wedding cake decorated with white frosting, mistletoe, cranberries, and pine cones. Other than the decorations, you can also include festive flavours to complete the festive taste.


Choice of Music

Although Christmas Carols may be a no-go zone, you can choose music that fit the festive season. If the couple has not provided their preferred music selection, talk to them about what they like and see if it fits the ceremony and the theme.


Want to Learn More?

If you are looking for training for officiating a Christmas wedding, the International College of Professional Celebrants has the right program for you. Contact us today at 033 33 404 434 for more information.