What does a wedding celebrant do?

Jun 11, 2021
A bride and groom facing a celebrant, who is holding a folder and smiling.

The demand for wedding celebrants has never been so high, making it the perfect time to explore celebrancy as a career option...

The past decade has shown a noticeable rise in couples opting for celebrants to conduct their wedding, with almost three quarters of brides and grooms now opting for non-religious ceremonies

With the rising popularity of such ceremonies, there is an inevitable demand increase for wedding celebrants in place of religious officials such as Ministers or Rabbis. The good news is that almost anybody can train to become a wedding celebrant on either a full time or part time basis. 

But before we look at how you can become a celebrant in the UK, one question needs to be answered. What does a wedding celebrant do?


What Does A Wedding Celebrant Do? 

While many faith-based relationships are solidified in the presence of a religious leader, such as a Rabbi, Priest or Minister, a non-religious wedding embraces the unique individuality of the bride and groom, allowing them full flexibility in how they conduct their ceremony. 

A wedding celebrant is a person who has been trained to help a couple plan a wedding ceremony and oversee the ceremony as it happens. Celebrants are committed to creating perfectly crafted non-religious ceremonies, unrestricted by location or doctrine. While weddings are one form of ceremony a celebrant can oversee, they can also be hired to oversee funerals, naming ceremonies and much more…

A highly individual and customised plan for the future can be created by couples to reflect their vision of their relationship and future together. A celebrant will help them to do that.

There is no ‘one’ set way a ceremony should be conducted. However, some of the features you may see at a celebrant-led wedding include:

  • Readings from friends, family or the celebrant
  • A celebrant speech on the importance of marriage, love and sharing a life together
  • Music
  • A non religious blessing of the couple
  • Handfasting (joining couples at the wrist with a ribbon)
  • Exchanging of rings or items of commitment 
  • Personalised vows
  • Confetti throwing


The wedding celebrant gets to know what a couple wants from the occasion, shares ideas, writes a script tailored to the couple and then conducts the ceremony on the day. 

The great news is, training is efficient and affordable, giving anyone with an interest in celebrancy the tools, skills and knowledge to create a career in it. Celebrancy as a career is flexible and rewarding, allowing you a window into some of the most intimate moments of other people’s lives, and being a fundamental part of their rituals and ceremonies. 


How Do You Become A Wedding Celebrant?

Wedding celebrants are able to conduct some of the most beautiful, intimate weddings and, with the right training and guidance, can get to the top of their game in this field rapidly. There are several steps we recommend you take before beginning this journey. 


Step 1:

Read and watch more about wedding celebrancy as a career on our blog and decide if this is something you might like to know more about.  

Step 2:

Sign up for our free video series to get the latest information about celebrancy careers. 

Step 3

Read about our residential training and online training and pick the right course for you. 

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