What Is The Hardest Part About Being a Celebrant?

celebrant Oct 11, 2023

Every career comes with its own set of rewards, responsibilities and challenges. Celebrancy is no different. As celebrants we get to support people during the most profound, joyous and difficult moments of their lives. We also see a lot, hear many different stories, and juggle numerous tasks at once. Being a celebrant is no piece of cake - but it is one of the most interesting careers you can embark upon. 

Before you go any further, we recommend that you take our quiz to learn more about whether or not you are suited to celebrancy as a career. 

The Advantages of Being A Celebrant

You might be asking yourself - what are the pros and cons of becoming a celebrant? Well, let’s begin with the pros. You get to be entirely flexible and can run your celebrancy business around your other commitments. You can choose when to work and what type of celebrancy work you want to do. You get to meet loads of new people - not just clients but other celebrants and suppliers too. And you will get to form part of a person’s important life milestones. Nobody ever forgets their wedding celebrant!

The Hardest Part About Being A Celebrant

We recently reached out to our existing trained celebrants within our Facebook group and asked the question - What’s the hardest part about being a celebrant?

Here is what some of our group members said:

Paul: “Taking the first step is the hardest part”. He’s not wrong! When you change careers or try something new, the first step is the most daunting. However, ICPC give you all the emotional and practical support that you need to take this leap.

“Funding the training and qualification” was also mentioned. This is also a very valid point. All training courses come with a price tag, and ICPC is transparent about the fact that we are not the cheapest course on the market and the reason why we are the price we are. You can learn more about funding celebrant training and gaining a return on your investment.

Ashley said “continuity of work” is the hardest part. Again, we agree that unless you are optimising your marketing and investing in your business, then continuity of work could become a problem. We offer a Digital Marketing course as well as business mentorship and ongoing support through the ICPC membership programme to help avoid this problem. 

Finally, Andrew said that the thing he finds the hardest is preparing an order of service. We agree that this can be a challenging task, which is why we give full training on this in our ICPC residential training. We also offer our members regular workshops including a writing and storytelling workshop, amongst others, to refine skills and boost confidence. 

We Want to Help

Becoming a celebrant is amazing, fun, rewarding and special. It is also hurdled with challenges - none of which need to get in your way. With the support of ICPC and its membership, you can enjoy a thriving career. You can sign up for our celebrancy training here