What Should a Wedding Celebrant Wear?

weddings Jan 05, 2022
Two gentlemen and a female celebrant during a wedding ceremony

You’ve perfected your portfolio, pushed your marketing hard, gained a number of clients and now have a ceremony approaching. You’re nervous, excited and eager to get it right. But one question remains… What should a wedding celebrant wear?

Look, there’s no right or wrong answer. Ultimately, your presentation is your choice, and depends on a number of factors and preferences. However, there are a few tried and tested options if you want a safe approach. 

Below we have compiled a list of ideas for male, female and non-conformist celebrants. These ideas have been taken directly from our Facebook group, from real celebrants working in the industry at the moment. However it’s important to remember that the type of ceremony and your client preferences will impact the decision you make. For example, if your client is having a themed wedding, you don’t want to be the only one there not joining in. So, first, make sure you ask your clients if there are any specific colour schemes or themes you should be aware of. 


What Our Celebrants Say

One of our celebrants, when asked what a wedding celebrant should wear, said, “I wear whatever makes me feel confident and comfortable but I also love colour.” 

Another said “I have built a capsule wardrobe in black. Classic and timeless. By mixing and matching I have numerous outfits from 7 pieces. I add colour with scarves if I wish. It’s practical and, on a cost per wear basis, very economical”. 

Great advice! Having a base colour such as black or navy shows you to be professional and serious. But adding colour and scarves on top allows you to show off your creative side, giving you a warmer and friendlier feel. 

Another celebrant said, “For weddings… Obviously not white and I also ask what colour the bridesmaids are wearing to make sure I don’t clash or match them. Normally I just dress as I would as a guest to a wedding”. 

And finally, a celebrant said, “I wear my brand colour, even if only as an accessory”.
This is interesting - because branding yourself and wearing those colours is good for business and helps show a consistency across your service. 


What to Avoid 

As already mentioned, wearing white to a wedding is a definite no-no (unless you have been instructed to). Here’s what else you should avoid:

  • Clashing bold colours that distract from the couple
  • Scruffy or wrinkled clothes
  • Logos 
  • Political statements 
  • Revealing clothes
  • Very high heels (you’ll be standing for long periods)

Saying that, we want you to feel comfortable and like yourself. You are not going to be able to perform a winning ceremony if you are deeply uncomfortable in your clothing. So, stay true to your own style, remain comfortable and customise so that your clients are happy too. 

What Next?

We are always here to give our celebrants - new and established - advice on how to perfect their business. Knowing what to wear might seem like a small issue, but it can make all the difference to a ceremony - and to your reputation. Join our Facebook group to get more tips, share pictures and get support from like minded celebrants.