Which ceremonies can a celebrant perform?

career Jul 05, 2022

You might be thinking of taking up celebrancy as a career change. If so, it’s likely you have many, many questions. You might be asking:

What does a celebrant do?

Should I be a celebrant or registrar?

What is a celebrant wedding ceremony?

Do I need a level 3 certificate and diploma in celebrancy?

We are here to give you all the information you need about celebrancy and what the job entails. We also have a quiz you can take to help give you better guidance. 

If you are wondering what type of ceremonies a celebrant can perform, here is a list of the most common ceremonies a professional celebrant can officiate.  


  • Funerals


As a trained celebrant, you can conduct a funeral service and help the bereaved family celebrate the life of their loved one. It is your duty to plan the send-off ceremony, and ensure that the funeral service happens according to the family’s wishes, as well as the wishes of the deceased. 

You also get an opportunity to offer guidance to the family to ensure that the life of their loved one is celebrated in style. To achieve this, a celebrant helps the family plan the funeral service, and also ensures that the funeral program is not rushed, but works within the stipulated time frame. 


  • Weddings


Wedding celebrants take centre stage at a wedding, guiding the wedding party through the process. In addition to helping the couple write their wedding vows, a celebrant also guides the couple on how to write a unique and captivating wedding script. Music, themes and order of service are all discussed between the celebrant and wedding party. 

As with funerals, the celebrant gets to know the couple during the engagement to ensure that the wedding truly reflects the couple’s style.


  • Baby Naming Ceremonies 


Baby naming is a modern alternative to a religious baptism. Any parent would want to make this occasion as memorable and remarkable as possible. As such, a party may be held to welcome the baby into the world. 

With all the rituals and celebrations, parents may want to involve a professional to oversee the day’s activities. That’s when a celebrant comes in. As a celebrant you will organise the event in keeping with the family’s preferences. 

A celebrant is also expected to offer their professional guidance on how to make the naming ceremony a success. This may include writing a script that carries the message of the day or even composing poems to welcome the new member of the family. A celebrant will also spice the ceremony with the right music to make it more entertaining. 



  • Renewal of Vows


Vow renewals and weddings are not dissimilar. A vow renewal simply involves re-doing a wedding for an already married couple. There are many different reasons people may want to renew their vows. It could be that they have marked a special anniversary  and wish to update their promises to one another. It might be that the couple separated for some time and have now reconciled. 

A celebrant can help the couple write new vows, or better still, renew their previous vows in style. As a celebrant, you give couples an opportunity to celebrate their vow renewal ceremony as they wish, in a place of their choice. A celebrant also helps couples tell their love story in a unique way by writing captivating speeches that carry the message of their special day, and express their love for each other once more.  

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