Who Can Perform A Baby Naming Ceremony?

career Aug 03, 2022

A baby naming ceremony is a great alternative to religious naming ceremonies that allows parents to show off their bundle of joy in front of friends and family. During this special occasion, parents invite their loved ones to help celebrate the new family member and declare their love and support for the baby throughout his or her life. A celebrant oversees the ceremony, guiding the parents and guests through the process. Here at the International College of Professional Celebrants, we train people to be fully qualified celebrants who can conduct baby naming ceremonies, weddings, funerals and much more…

Read on to learn more about how a baby naming ceremony is conducted, why it’s important, and how you yourself can become a celebrant in the UK. You can also take our quiz to discover if celebrancy is for you. 


Why Do Parents Conduct a Baby Naming Ceremony?

Baby naming ceremonies are gaining rapid popularity in the UK thanks to an increasing number of people looking for non-religious ways to welcome a new baby. Naming ceremonies play a critical role in helping parents welcome and celebrate the arrival of a new baby; without the rituals associated with christening, baptism, and other religious baby welcome ceremonies. 

Naming ceremonies are appropriate for children of any age, not just new-borns. Parents can use such ceremonies to welcome adopted children and step children into the family. For those using a surrogate, it can be a beautiful way to enjoy a special moment, especially if you did not feel it appropriate to have a baby shower.

Still, such ceremonies carry a lot of weight and can help parents, the extended family, and the community in general come together and welcome a new member. It takes a village to raise a child. Naming ceremonies, essentially, help identify the specific village that will take part in raising the child.


Who Can Perform a Naming Ceremony?

You might be wondering, can a celebrant perform a naming ceremony? The answer is - yes. Naming ceremonies have no legal basis nor are they religious, although they can contain religious elements if required. Since it’s not an official event that requires someone who holds special qualifications such as a priest or vicar, anyone can perform the ceremony as long as they have the blessings of the parents. It is possible for parents to choose to organise the ceremony themselves, although they may wish to be present and enjoy it along with the rest of the party.

Parents or guardians may choose to hire the services of a professional celebrant to take advantage of their experience in making the ceremony more meaningful and memorable. Celebrants with the necessary training and accreditation from a reputable institution have what it takes to perform any kind of ceremony including officiating a lovely naming ceremony. They may incorporate symbolic rituals and personalised vows that will make it special and deeply meaningful.


What Happens at a Baby Naming Ceremony?

A baby naming ceremony contains the following main features although it really does depend on the wishes of the parents:

  • Preparing it with Parents
  • Making it Child Friendly
  • The Ceremony Itself with the Naming and possible symbolic rituals
  • The Cake or gifts
  • Party After 

The idea is to give the parents an opportunity to confirm the baby’s full name and share why they chose it, if they wish. Parents make their promises and pledges to the child and commit to being good parents. Having grandparents make their promises as well is optional as is having other adults (guideparents) make their commitments. A trained celebrant who knows the basics and has officiated other events can help the parents create the perfect naming ceremony and guide them on what to add to the main features to make the day meaningful.  

So now you might be wondering, how do I become a celebrant and what are the best celebrant training courses UK? 

Could You Train as a Celebrant With Us?

Officiating any event calls for passion and loads of love towards seeing the ceremony become a success. If you love the idea of helping parents celebrate the special day that is a baby naming ceremony, consider taking the  ICPC | NOCN Accredited Residential Celebrant Training (internationalcollegeofprofessionalcelebrants.org). Celebrancy training isn’t for everybody, so we recommend you think about it thoroughly and ask questions in advance. For more information on what it takes to officiate a baby naming ceremony, call us on 033 33 404 434 or email us at [email protected]