Why Other Celebrants Are Your Peers, Not Competition

celebrant training Aug 04, 2023

Whether you are a fully trained Celebrant, or about to begin your journey into Celebrancy, it is important to understand that you are supported. Not just by your friends and family, but by other industry professionals. This includes other celebrants. 

Just two decades ago, the way we worked was very different to how we work now. Competition was everything, and getting ahead was a big part of your job’s success. Back then, two people in the same sort of role would fight it out to get clients, bookings and repeat business. These days, collaborative working is the way forward and forms a very different picture. Here’s how it can benefit you as a Celebrant. 

A Modern Approach to Work

Collaborative working means staying connected, building each other up, and celebrating each others’ successes. It means rejecting older, tired principles of ‘dog eat dog’ and instead enjoying friendly, encouraging and helpful interactions. 

In Celebrancy, this takes the following forms:

  • In-person networking with other Celebrants, such as attending one of our Celebrant Connect member events. 
  • Being part of a supportive WhatsApp or Facebook group to share information, success and stories.
  • Asking questions to more experienced Celebrants to learn more about the trade.
  • Giving insights to less experienced Celebrants, sharing your wisdom and learnings.
  • Attending further training and development alongside other Celebrants and encouraging each others’ learning, perhaps by practicing on each other and giving feedback. 
  • Referring other Celebrants for jobs you do not want or cannot commit to. 
  • Recommending other Celebrants to family and friends. 
  • Liking another Celebrant’s social media marketing and having them like yours in return. 
  • Being inspired by what other Celebrants are doing, and acting as an inspiration for others. 

Referral As a Tool

We mentioned above that you can refer other celebrants for jobs you cannot do or cannot commit to. For example, let’s say a customer wants to book you for a funeral but you have another booking that day, so you cannot do it, and recommend another Celebrant instead. Why would you want to do that?, you may wonder.

Helping a prospective customer find the right Celebrant when you cannot commit to the job is a hugely beneficial activity. Here’s why:

  • You will have a happy customer even if you didn’t work with them. They will think more of you for giving them a helping hand in the right direction and are more likely to recommend you to their friends and family, even if they haven’t booked you. 
  • The other Celebrant will thank you for your referral, and want to help you in return in the future. If they cannot commit to a future booking, they are likely to send that prospective customer over to you. 

Everybody wins!

Celebrancy is Full of Lessons

We also mentioned above that collaborative working involves sharing knowledge and wisdom, and learning from those who are more experienced than you. This is at the heart of Celebrancy - we are constantly learning and experiencing new and interesting situations. No two days are the same and every client is different too. For that reason, it is wise to continually learn, evolve and develop, adding more skills and knowledge to your portfolio as your business expands. By adopting the good habit of helping others, and being helped by them, you grow as a person and as a celebrant simultaneously. 

We will help you on your journey. The best place to begin is by joining our Celebrant Training Facebook Group. You can learn from others, refer customers to other celebrants, share your success stories, make friends and, if you have not yet completed your training, gain more insight into this too. Click here to join