NOCN - Level 3 Certificate in Civil Celebrancy in the UK

Alongside our residential course you have the opportunity to complete a Level 3 Certificate in Civil Celebrancy in the UK. The good news is that the cost of this Level 3 qualification is included in your training fee. 

NOCN group is a top Ofqual regulated Awarding Organisation, and the International College of Professional Celebrants is an NOCN approved centre. This allows us to certify your Level 3 certificate with us.

What Does the Course Entail?

If you choose to take this Level 3 certificate you will be given access to ICPC’s knowledge based videos. These videos will give you most of the information needed to complete the eight units. You will also be expected to carry out some of your own research and keep a note of your reading materials.


The eight course units are:

  • Health & Safety Considerations for Civil Celebrants
  • Valuing Equality and Diversity
  • Understanding Celebratory Civil Ceremonies in the UK
  • Understanding the UK Funeral Industry
  • Understanding Professional Civil Celebrancy in the UK
  • Working with the Bereaved
  • Creating and Conducting a Civil Funeral Service
  • Planning and Delivering Celebratory Civil Ceremonies.

What Help Will I Receive?

You will be given video lectures, and study notes to assist you through the units. Once you indicate that you would like to start, then you will be assigned a personal tutor, and they will guide you and give you feedback as you work through each unit.

Will I Have a Course Workbook? 

You will be given a course workbook for your training week. This is a valuable resource, both for factual information that you will need to answer some of the assessment criteria, and also to make notes about your own learning. Use this to help you answer some of the questions posed in the units.

How Do I Start?

To commence the certificate you must first inform ICPC that you wish to start your coursework by emailing [email protected]. Once we have received this email you will be sent a Welcome Letter with instructions on how to submit work.

We suggest you start with a shorter unit Eg. ‘Health & Safety Considerations for Civil Celebrants’. And continue in the  order as written above.

Once you submit your first unit, your tutor will give you feedback and suggestions if any amendments are needed. Once amended you can re-submit the completed unit and move forward.

How Difficult is the Course?

The Level 3 certificate is equivalent to an ‘A ’Level and should be treated with an academic approach. There will be essay style questions. You will be expected to read around the subject with some autonomy. However, learning materials are given to you to use and your tutor will help and guide you to achieve the required standard.

Is the NOCN Qualification Necessary to Work as a Celebrant?

The Certificate is not compulsory and most celebrants work successfully without an official qualification. However, it may become advantageous in the future, especially if you are considering working as a wedding celebrant. You have one year to complete the qualification and this starts from the last day of your training.

How Will I be Assessed?

There will be several points during your 5-day course where you will be assessed.

  • During your training week, you will be asked to simulate a component of a wedding ceremony. Please keep careful notes in your workbook as these will be useful to reflect on in some of your academic work.

  • During the 5-day course you will carry out a simulated interview to obtain information about a deceased person. This information will be used to write and deliver a eulogy. You will be videoed and assessed on the following criteria: ‘Demonstrate the appropriate use of the following by a Civil Celebrant at a funeral service - a) dress, b) body language, c) mannerisms, d) emotional control’

    Both you and your interviewee will be asked to assess the delivery and accuracy of the eulogy. This will be uploaded to your portfolio and included in your overall assessment for the certificate.

  • Later - as you work through the NOCN units - you will be asked to reflect on the interview simulation in a professional discussion with your tutor. The discussion will form part of your overall assessment and will include aspects of questioning techniques; note taking; active listening and appropriate body language.

  • At the end of each day on the 5-day course, it is important that you complete your own Reflective Diary. This will tell us which aspects you feel you have learned and how you consider you would apply it in your role as celebrant.

  • Once you have completed the 5-day course AND all 8 written units, your portfolio of work will be assessed by an ICPC Assessor and internally verified by the IQA. The portfolio is then examined by an NOCN External Verifier. After this process you will be sent your Level 3 Certificate in Civil Celebrancy in the UK.

  • The coursework is assessed by your tutor/assessor as ‘complete’ or ‘incomplete’. There are no grades for this qualification. Each answer will be assessed against the assessment criteria. If it meets the criteria, then that unit is complete. Your tutor will expect you to submit work every 4 weeks. They will give you your feedback within 14 days.

What happens if I decide to complete my certificate at a later date?

The cost of your certificate is covered for a 12 month period after your training date.

If you don't start in that time, or only manage to complete a few units, we will accommodate you. If you do want complete your certificate after that 12 month period, there will be an additional cost.

The cost of completing all 8 Units and the accompanying Professional Discussion is £500. You can do this online with our video lectures, study notes and a personal tutor and will have an additional 12 months to complete this course.

However, if you have already submitted any units, these will be on record and will be offset against your total.

Each additional unit cost is £62.50

So, if you have already completed 3 units with your 12 month period, we will deduct £187.50 from your total, leaving £312.50 to pay.

If you have already passed your 12 month period and would like to complete your NOCN certificate please contact [email protected] and she will get you started!