Signs Celebrancy Isn’t For You

career Nov 28, 2022

We recently posted an article ‘Should I become a celebrant?’, which talks about whether or not celebrancy is the right career path for you. We also have a quiz on our website which helps to give you more insight into whether or not you have the traits and attributes required for the role. 

This time, we want to focus on the signs that this is NOT the career path for you…

Now, we know what you might be thinking. Why would a celebrancy training provider discourage someone from becoming a celebrant? Well, the answer is quite simple. We only want to train people who have what it takes to become a celebrant. We want the best delegates to train and become the best Celebrants -  The people who are likely to succeed. Our Celebrants share our passion for what we do and wear their ICPC badges with pride, knowing that they have the qualities necessary to be successful.

So, here are 5 signs that this isn’t going to be the right path for you. 

1. You are not really a ‘people person’

This one might seem obvious. But celebrancy is all about people. Your job is to support an individual or couple through one of the most important milestones of their life. The job requires bags of empathy, active listening skills, effective communication and patience. If you don’t find yourself naturally curious and engaged with others, this isn’t the job for you. 

2. You don’t have enough money to invest in a new business right now

Starting any new career is going to involve some investment - you have to invest time, effort, and yes - money. Training with ICPC involves a cost, and we want to ensure you can meet these costs without getting into difficulty. You will also spend money on marketing and general business setup too. So, if you are currently struggling to make ends meet, this might not be the best time to become a celebrant. 

3. Talking about death is unappealing and too challenging

Some people find talking about death very difficult. They will actively avoid the topic. Being a celebrant means having these conversations openly, gently and with a level of confidence. You may be planning on becoming a wedding celebrant in which case talking about death is not relevant, but when you train with ICPC, you learn how to be both a wedding and funeral celebrant so that you can make the choice at the end. We also believe that by training in all types of Ceremonies gives you a better understanding of the role and makes you a better Celebrant.

4. You just want to make money - there’s no passion for the career

Looking for a get rich quick scheme? That’s not us. Becoming a celebrant takes time, energy, an upfront financial investment and bags of passion and enthusiasm. Done well, you will see a return on your investment in no time. If you just want some extra cash without the input, or a passive income, this isn’t the right career choice. 

5. You struggle with personal organisation and planning

Any self employed person needs to be organised. When you are a celebrant, you might have a few clients at the same time. Each will have their own requirements and deadlines. It’s important that you can be reliable, on time, and have everything you need to do your job well. 

Want to learn more? Take our quiz to find out if celebrancy is for you.