When Can Our Delegates Start The Platinum Double Diploma?

Jan 04, 2023
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Last year, we announced the launch of The Platinum Double Diploma in Couples, Namings and Funerals. This incredible new, comprehensive Double Diploma is being offered exclusively by The International College of Professional Celebrants. You can read our full blog post on this Diploma by clicking here, and watch our video here

New Year: New Start

If you entered 2023 wishing to pursue a new career, it could be that celebrancy is the path for you. Here are some reasons why this particular journey is so amazing:

  • Celebrants work for themselves. You’ll be fully independent, self employed and in control of how and when you work. A survey has shown that self employed people are happier and more engaged in their work, and we can certainly relate. If you are craving freedom and autonomy, this is an ideal avenue to explore. 
  • Celebrants make a significant difference in others’ lives. If you remember a beautiful funeral you attended, or a genuinely moving wedding, you likely remember the celebrant and their facilitation of this. 
  • The world is crying out for celebrants. More and more people are opting for civil celebrants over religious officials to deliver ceremonies, so now is a great time to join this movement. 
  • Celebrancy frees you up to focus on other things. Perhaps you are a parent or carer, or have another job you’d like to keep going with. Celebrancy is so flexible that it can work around the other aspects of your life. 

How Do I Train As A Celebrant in the UK?

If you are asking yourself, where do I find a celebrant training company? Who is the best celebrant training provider? Or, how do I get started as a celebrant? We have the answers. 

The International College of Professional Celebrants offers residential and online training in combined wedding and funeral celebrancy. We deliberately offer training in both aspects of celebrancy because we like to equip our delegates with comprehensive knowledge, enabling choice as to which area of celebrancy they get into. You can learn more about why we do this on our podcast here. 

Now, as well as training, you’ll need to complete a qualification in celebrancy to make you fully accredited. 

Up until recently, ICPC offered the NOCN accredited Level 3 Certificate in Civil Celebrancy. This was, until now, the highest combined qualification a Celebrant could achieve. But ICPC has changed this. As of April 2023, you can choose to take your training one step further and complete the fully accredited Platinum Double Diploma in Couples, Namings and Funerals. 

From April 2023, you will have two choices. You can either do the Level 3 Certificate in Civil Celebrancy or the Platinum Double Diploma. You can learn more about the differences between the two by clicking here.

Take Our Quiz

Still not sure if celebrancy is the right career path for you? We have a quiz!    Click here to discover whether or not you have the traits, skills and knowledge to enter into the world of civil celebrancy. Once you complete the quiz, we will be in touch to give you more information, and you can ask us anything you like about the Platinum Double Diploma. 

You can watch our full length video about the Platinum Double Diploma here.