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celebrant training Oct 14, 2023

A Celebrant is someone who writes and delivers ceremonies, and plays an important role in ensuring ceremonies are catered to the needs of those involved. But there is so much more to it than that - Celebrants get to witness and become part of incredibly transformative experiences, and gain and share wisdom and learnings from these experiences. 

We love hearing more about what our Celebrants have learned, which is why we promote a collaborative and supportive approach to our training and ongoing membership. 

At ICPC, we have a welcoming and friendly community. Whether you are a seasoned Celebrant, a Celebrant Trainer, a soon-to-be Celebrant or someone who is still considering this career path, we like to form a network that is inclusive, transparent and supportive. 

For this reason, we recently asked in our Celebrant Training Facebook Group the best life and career advice our community members had received. This could be advice about anything! Here’s what they said:


For me it was being given the confidence and encouragement to try something new. I walked away from my job to pursue something l felt passionate about and here l am and loving my work as a Celebrant. Felt a brave decision but definitely the right decision.

We completely agree. Trying something new takes courage (we have a fantastic post on courage which you can read here

When choosing to do anything new in life, courage forms the backbone of its success!


Why someone else, why not  YOU? If you don't try you'll live a life wondering if you could have.

We loved this advice. If someone else can do it, why can’t you? And why should the privilege be with them and not with you instead? 


Stuart’s advice was “just do it!”. Again, this follows the themes above - sometimes you just have to take a leap. 

And finally 


“Whatever you say, say it with confidence”.

Think about those great world leaders and politicians who have shaped the world we live in. Whenever they spoke, whatever the message was, it was their confidence of delivery that made the words extra special and impactful. Confidence is key to everything, it seems!

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