The Cost Of Celebrancy Training UK

celebrant training Jun 26, 2023

Since launching our exclusive Platinum Double Diploma (PDD)  in April, we have been asked by many of you about the differences in costs for training with the PDD and the Level 3 Certificate. In this article, we aim to explain our costs, what they cover, and how you will see a return on your investment when successfully completing the course. 

What Are The Two ICPC Qualifications?

The International College of Professional Celebrants offers two UK celebrancy training pathways. Both pathways include a residential course spanning 5 days. One pathway leads you to completing a NOCN accredited Level 3 Certificate in Civil Celebrancy and the other leads you to a Platinum Double Diploma in Couples and Naming Ceremonies, and Funerals. 

The Level 3 Certificate in Civil Celebrancy was our standard qualification taken by all delegates up until April 2023 and covers everything you need to know about being a wedding and  funeral Civil Celebrant. 

The Platinum Double Diploma encompasses a Diploma in Couples and Naming, and the Diploma in Funerals. It is the highest possible qualification level available and is offered exclusively by ICPC and accredited by NOCN. 

Both qualifications are recognised and regarded highly by customers and funeral directors alike. But the Platinum Double Diploma is more comprehensive. You can read more about these qualifications in the following articles:

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Costs of ICPC Training Explained

At ICPC, we like to be completely transparent about our costs. There are no hidden fees, and we publish our prices on our website with a payment plan available for those who prefer instalments. 

Here’s what our costs include:

  • 5 Day residential training at High Trenhouse in North Yorkshire (please make a direct enquiry with us if you would like to train in the South West).
  • 3 meals per day during training home-made snacks and refreshments
  • Your overnight accommodation in ensuite rooms.
  • All materials and resources 
  • Your qualification access, materials, assessment from a personal tutor and feedback
  • Your Training Certificate
  • 12 months membership with ICPC (see details here)
  • Advice, support and friendship via the ICPC Facebook groups and Whatsapp

Here is what is NOT included:

  • Your bar purchases 
  • Transport to the venue


The Residential Training with Level 3 Certificate is £2925.

The Residential Training with Platinum Double Diploma is £4500.

There is an additional option to take the Level 3 Certificate and then to progress onto the Platinum Double Diploma at a later date. You can read more about the reasons for doing this here

Return on Investment

Once you have completed your 5 day combined course, you are a professionally trained and fully insured UK Civil Celebrant.  You can immediately begin writing and delivering funerals and/or weddings. For each of these, you will charge a fee. Luckily, your overheads as a Celebrant are relatively low, as you do not need to rent a premises or have much in the way of resources. The bulk of your investment into this business is in training and marketing. 

You can charge anywhere from £200 to £800 for a ceremony, and some Celebrants can charge even more. If you take regular bookings, your investment will be fully repaid to you in no time, and the rest is then profit. 

Some might argue that Celebrants can work without training or a certificate, therefore making the investment costs zero. But the better qualified and knowledgeable you are, the more trusted you will be by customers and funeral directors, and this will mean more bookings than an untrained Celebrant.

We’d love to help you on your journey into Celebrancy. If you are curious, you can take our quiz to determine if Celebrancy is for you!