NOCN Platinum Double Diploma qualification.

NOCN Diploma in Couples and Naming AND the NOCN Diploma in Funerals in one course.

Alongside our residential course you have the opportunity to complete our Platinum Double Diploma qualification. This course is exclusively designed by the International College of Professional Celebrants and only available with us.

NOCN group is a top Ofqual regulated Awarding Organisation, and the International College of Professional Celebrants is an NOCN approved centre. This allows us to certify your NOCN qualification with us.

1 combined course

2 NOCN accredited Diplomas achieved upon completion

10 unique projects

Covering 20 units of coursework across a broad range of subjects.

Perfect progression

Can be added on to already completed NOCN Certificate work

How it works:

The Residential Course

Our 5 day in person course is the basis of how we train our celebrants. In this setting you will receive world class professional training from our teaching team. Over 5 days we will take you on a journey through Weddings, Funerals, Namings, Ritual elements, Business setup, Social media and much more.

You can find out more about our residential courses here

What Does the Coursework Entail?

The Platinum Double Diploma coursework comprises of 20 units of work combined into 10 "projects" of work. These projects are designed to be interesting and engaging while demonstrating your knowledge and creativity.

If you choose to take Platinum Double Diploma you will be given access to ICPC’s knowledge based videos. These videos will give you plenty of the information needed to complete the written part of your course. You will also be expected to draw upon your practical learning and carry out your own research, whilst keep a note of your reading materials.

NOCN Platinum Double Diploma
Projects Overview

We have created 10 "projects" of work that cover a wide range of topics, combining assessment elements from the Couples and Namings Diploma and the Funerals Diploma and covering the full 20 units of work required for attain both Diploma qualifications.

Project 1: Health and Safety Considerations for the Professional Celebrant

Project 2: Equality & Diversity for the Professional Celebrant

Project 3: Business Management Skills for the Self-Employed Professional Celebrant

Project 4: IT and Email Skills for the Self Employed Professional Celebrant

Project 5: Communication with Clients

Project 6: Ceremony Choices

Project 7: Funeral, Couples and Naming Ceremonies in the UK

Project 8: Content and Scripts for Ceremonies in the UK

Project 9: Delivering Funeral, Couples and Naming Ceremonies in the UK

Project 10: Funerals, Interments and Memorials

What Help Will I Receive?

You will be given video lectures, and study notes to assist you through the units. Once you indicate that you would like to start, then you will be assigned a personal tutor, and they will guide you and give you feedback as you work through each unit.

Will I Have a Course Workbook? 

You will be given a course workbook for your training week. This is a valuable resource, both for factual information that you will need to answer some of the assessment criteria, and also to make notes about your own learning. Use this to help you answer some of the questions posed in the units.

How Difficult is the Course?

A Level 3 Diploma is equivalent to an A Grade at ‘A ’Level and should be treated with an academic approach. This specific course covers 2 Diplomas side by side and you will have achieved 2 Diplomas upon completion.

You will be expected to read around the subject with autonomy. However, practical teaching and learning materials are given to you to use, and your tutor will help and guide you to achieve the required standard.

How Do I Start?

Once you have completed your Residential Celebrant Training course with us you will need to follow the steps below in order to receive instructions on submitting work.

To commence the coursework for the Platinum Double Diploma you must first inform ICPC that you wish to start your coursework by emailing [email protected]. Once we have received this email, you will be sent a Welcome Letter with instructions on how to submit work and you'll be introduced to your personal tutor.

Once you submit your first unit, your tutor will give you feedback and suggestions if any amendments are needed. Your tutor is there to support you through this processand answer any questions you might have. Once amended you can re-submit the completed unit and move forward.

Ready to book your residential training course?

Your journey towards your Platinum Double Diploma qualification starts with our immersive residential training course.

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Already started or completed your Certificate?

If you've already trained, you might have started or completed your certificate qualification. You have the opportunity to continue your learning and progress to attaining the Platinum Double Diploma. Find out more here...

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