Is the Celebrancy Market Overcrowded?

Oct 03, 2022

Can anyone become a celebrant? And if so, does that mean everyone is doing it? These are fair questions that we get asked quite frequently, especially in our Facebook group

Our answer to whether the celebrancy market is overcrowded isn’t a simple yes or no. While the profession is growing in popularity, so is the demand, and not all working or untrained celebrants have the attributes and skills we feel are required to do a great job. Let’s explore this a little bit more…

What is a Celebrant?

First thing’s first. What is a celebrant? And can anyone in the UK become one? A celebrant is a person who oversees, guides, writes and delivers a ceremony. The ceremony could be a wedding, funeral, baby naming ceremony or renewal of vows. At the time of writing, celebrants cannot do the legal steps to marry two people, but can deliver a bespoke wedding, deliver speeches, and perform rituals. Saying that, in the future it is expected that celebrants will be able to legally marry two people and so we recommend you complete the NOCN Level 3 Certificate in Civil Celebrancy so that, when and if the law does change, you will be better qualified to do this. 

Can Anyone Be A Celebrant?

The answer to this question is yes, but not everyone should. A great celebrant is someone who possesses relevant skills and qualities. At the International College of Professional Celebrants, we look for these qualities in our delegates before accepting them onto our training course because we are only interested in training the very best of the best. If you are not sure if you have these skills, you can take our quiz to find out. 

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Is The Market Overcrowded?

An increasing number of people are training as celebrants. Why? Because there is increased demand for them. Awareness of what a celebrant-led ceremony can offer is becoming more and more well known. Until recent times, most people didn’t know what a celebrant was or what a celebrant did. Demand is increasing daily.

If you are worried that the market is too overcrowded, we encourage you to think about it this way instead: There is a large demand for coffee shops, plumbers, hairdressers and mechanics, and therefore, you have a market full of people offering these services. When you search for them, you have a variety to choose from, and you’re likely to pick the ones with the best reviews, best value for money, and best offering. Celebrancy is exactly the same. When people search for a celebrant, there are a range of options. But the people who have been properly and thoroughly trained in all aspects of celebrancy, as well as hold an accredited qualification, will be the ones who will stand out and receive more bookings.

The International College of Professional Celebrants

If you are worried that becoming a celebrant means getting lost in a saturated market of established professionals, and never getting any work, we urge you to speak to us. Unlike many other  celebrancy training organisations, we offer 5 Star Celebrancy Training across all ceremonies as well as the accredited NOCN Level 3 Certification. This will automatically help you to stand out from the crowd. We also offer a digital marketing for celebrants' course, and residential training. On top of that, you can receive 1:1 mentorship to help develop your business. 

The market might have many celebrants, but by training to be one of the best by the best, you’ll have no problem standing out from the crowd and making your celebrancy business a success. 

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